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Nasty Neighbours takes place on the battlements of every English man's castle - namely his home - as two semi detached fiefdoms in a small suburban cul de sac go to war. Ricky Tomlinson plays Mr Peach a failed double glazing salesman who goes head to head with his loutish new neighbour Mr Chapman, played with superb menace by Phil Daniels.

Mr Chapman is contemptuous and scornful of Peach's attempts to draw him into the cosy community of the close and Mr Peach begins to focus the bitterness of his career failures and mounting debts on his new neighbours until matters escalate into a bloody finale.

In adapting her smash hit play for the big screen, first time director Debbie Isitt arrives as a fully formed and unique new voice in British cinema, one that could well prove to be increasingly important in years to come. This is jet black comedy with the sort of razor sharp wit you could slash your wrists on.

Nasty Neighbours
Released: October 20
Running Time: 88 mins
Director: Debbie Isitt
Cast: Ricky Tomlinson, Marion Bailey, Phil Daniels, Rachel Fielding, Hywel Bennett