About the scheme

Applications for 2008 are now closed. The application process will re-open in March 2009. If you would like to be added to our Producer Training Initiative mailing list and receive updates on the application procedure then please send a blank e-mail to info@ipsofactofilms.com with “PRODUCER TRAINING INITIATIVE MAILING LIST” in the subject line.

About the Scheme
The scheme aims to target passionate, ambitious, and focused individuals who are looking to make an impact on the UK Film Industry both at home and abroad.

The innovative pilot scheme will aim to equip the trainees with the right skills and knowledge to produce high quality, commercially successful, low budget feature films. The specifically tailored training will cover all aspects of feature film production – from development through to delivery and will be designed to develop the production and producing skills of the filmmakers as creative and commercial professionals whilst simultaneously providing a platform for progression.  The initiative is an industry-driven programme to facilitate the development of industry professionals who have demonstrated an ambition to take their career to the next level, but are without the resources to do so, or have perhaps encountered obstacles along their career path.  Our primary aim is to remove these obstacles and condense a training plan complimentary to the individuals’ skills and ambition.

How will it Work?

The scheme trains and develops individuals who in the long term aim to produce their own successful feature films that will compete in the marketplace on a national and international level.

The Producer Training Initiative aims to be innovative and flexible, and the learning path of each filmmaker will be deciphered according to their needs. Trainees will have the opportunity to attend placements through partnering industry organizations and throughout their programme they will undergo a series of training and development methods, which may include one to one training, independent short courses, meetings, industry training days, networking/events, the study of recommended learning/support materials and personal project development. Our training programme will aim to equip the trainees with skills and contacts that would otherwise have taken years of costly trial and error to acquire.

All of the talent involved in the programme will benefit from understanding the entire production chain and in particular new working practices with digital technologies for production, marketing, and distribution. This understanding will enable them to work more successfully towards better outcomes.

Who is the Scheme for?

The scheme is looking for two individuals to fulfill two separate roles with different requirements; A full-time trainee (PTI 1) and a part-time/flexible learning trainee (PTI 2).

To apply for either position you must be able to demonstrate a creative background and an aptitude in your current position that can justify a progression to or in film producing – How you do that is part of the application and interview process.

New producers often arise from a wide range of backgrounds and our selection criteria reflect this.

Full-Time Producer Trainee (PTI 1)
This is a full-time position (part-time training and part-time employment) based in our Newcastle upon Tyne office. The salary for the part-time employment will be £14,000 per annum. The position is aimed at new talent but not new entrants. To apply you must:

  • Be an SME/Freelancer resident in the North East of England


  • Have graduated from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree since April 2006.


  • Have made a very definite decision to want to produce long term (as opposed to writing, direct, edit, etc).


  • Have demonstrated this commitment to producing during your studies and since graduating.

For further details please download and read the PTI 1 Guidance Notes.

Part-Time/Flexible Learning Producer Trainee (PTI 2)
This unpaid part-time position expects independence and experience but it is understood that this experience may have come from a range of backgrounds. To apply for this position you must:

  • Be an SME/freelancer resident in the North East of England


  • Have a feature film project to bring onto the training programme to be used as a live case study during your training and development.

Your background may be:

  • A talented producer already working in the media industry whether film, television, music promos or commercials who is looking for a platform for progression.


  • A film producer who has just started their producing career and maybe has experience of producing other creative projects, short films and/or feature films but has never had the opportunity to develop or produce their projects within a professional environment. You will have primarily worked within your own network of people and are looking to launch your producing career and develop key industry contacts nationally and internationally.


  • A creative professional either in the industry or in another un-related industry. You will have a professional track record and have proven yourself in one skill or medium and have made a decision to want to move into film production.

For further details please download and read the PTI 2 Guidance Notes.

Application Process

Applications for 2008 are now closed. The application process will re-open in March 2009. If you would like to be added to our Producer Training Initiative mailing list and receive updates on the application procedure then please send a blank e-mail to info@ipsofactofilms.com with “PRODUCER TRAINING INITIATIVE MAILING LIST” in the subject line.

Past Producer Trainees

Ed Barratt
The Producer Training Initiative has without a doubt been the most useful career step I have taken thus far. It has lived up to and surpassed all my expectations of the scheme.

I feel that I have developed skills across the board that will be useful to me as a feature film producer. The programme’s nature of formal and “on the job” training provided the flexibility and structure that I required to develop most effectively.

In the immediate future, I am delighted to continue working for Ipso Facto Films and Moxie Makers as both companies continue to go from strength to strength. I am still learning on a daily basis and I am more than content with my current rate of development.

In all, I feel that the Producer Training Initiative is a well thought out and superbly administered training scheme that has benefited me tremendously and I believe the North East and the UK wide film industry will reap long term rewards from this investment.

Chris Taylor
The PTI is a must for prospective Producers in the North East region, the balance of practical development and “real-world” experience was absolutely invaluable, and has given me a tremendous basis for a future career.

The opportunities to interact with successful professionals cannot be manufactured, and PTI has found a way to expose trainees to the realities of the business, while at the same time effectively preparing them for a career in a very competitive market.

I have done a lot of  ‘Producer training’ courses but the PTI has huge amounts of current information and completely demystifies the whole process, from legal terms and deals, financing, and sales/distribution to the human aspect of the business.

The course covered literally everything, and the mentors gave us the confidence and knowledge to ask all the right questions.

In the Press

Newcastle Evening Chronicle – Moving pictures
15th November 2007.