On October 12th 1978 New York Police discovered the lifeless body of a 20-year-old woman, slumped under the bathroom sink in a hotel room. She was dressed in her underwear and had bled to death from a stab wound. The woman was Nancy Spungen, an ex-prostitute, sometimes stripper, heroin addict, and girlfriend of Sex Pistols’ bassist Sid Vicious. In a trial by tabloid newspapers, Vicious was pronounced guilty before noon the following day. But the case never had the chance to be brought to trial, and a number of New York cops weren’t convinced.

Less than six months later in a flat in New York’s Greenwich Village, Sid, himself aged only 21, died of a heroin overdose. For the next 28 years the assumption was that Sid did it – case closed.

Over time, the death of Sid and Nancy has passed into rock legend and has only added to the controversial and notorious image of the Sex Pistols and punk music. At the request of Sid’s mother, who committed suicide in 1996, rock author and punk expert Alan Parker has devoted himself to discovering what really happened in room 100. Parker has re-interviewed 182 people, re-examined NYPD evidence, and gone back to his original interviews with Sid’s mother.

Writer/Director: Alan G. Parker With 17 published books to his name, including the best selling “Vicious: Too Fast to Live” and the critically acclaimed “And Now for Something Completely Digital: Monty Python DVD Guide”. Alan has worked on a number of TV and DVD documentaries, these include; “Love Kills” (Momentum Pictures), “the Clash: From Westway to The World” (Sony Pictures) and “Final 24” (Cineflix Pictures). He has worked extensively with Grammy award-winning director Don Letts. Since 1999 Alan has been a consultant regarding Punk/New Wave and Comedy at EMI Records (he headed the campaign to re-issue the entire Monty Python back catalog). His most recent book “Sid Vicious: No One Is Innocent” is published by Orion.


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Writer / Director: Alan G Parker

Producers: Ben Timlett and Christine Alderson